Toronto Mystery Shopper

Hello Toronto!

Do you want a mystery shopper at your store?

Here's the deal!

You send us whatever amount you want us to spend at your store (minimum $30) and we will go to your store, browse, see what we like and spend a similar amount at your store within the same range of the amount you gave us.

So for example if you give us $30 we will spend approx. $25 to $35 at your store (if we really love your store we might spend more and come back later with our own money).

Afterwards we will review your store, the products we purchased at your store, what we thought of your customer service, the location of your store, the fairness of the prices, whether we encountered any difficulties while shopping there, etc.

You can also give us specific instructions for what types of things you want us to look for (eg. rude staff, messy aisles, etc), or what section of the store you want us to shop in (eg. you only want us to shop in the hardware, power tools section).

So for example you could ask us to come to your hunting and fishing store, send us $200, and tell us to only buy fishing gear. We would then go to your store, spend between $190 and $210 on things at your store - only fishing gear - and then review all the different fishing gear we purchased on the Product Reviews Canada website, along with a review of your store, your staff, and anything else you wanted us to review at your store.

We will also include three or more links to your company website (including links to specific products or services).

Note that this doesn't just apply to shopping. We can also review restaurants and service oriented businesses.

What do you get out of this?

Well, #1 you basically get your money back. True, you lose stuff or services in the process - but the markup is often 70% or better so it is really a minor amount that you actually lose.

#2. You get a review of your store's products and services.

#3. You get valuable insight into what products we found desirable at your store and was worth purchasing.

#4. You will learn whether we liked the quality of your customer service, the layout of your store (if you have an annoying layout we will be sure to mention it and our thoughts on how to fix that problem), and anything else we liked or did not like at your store. If you have any staff we found really annoying we might even mention their name so you can reprimand them later for shoddy service.

What is in it for us? More content on Product Reviews Canada, more free stuff for us to review. It is a win-win for all of us!

To hire us as Mystery Shoppers at your Toronto store just contact

If you want to hire us right away you can send an Interac Email Transfer from your bank to and then follow up your transfer with an email with the address of your store in Toronto and any specific instructions you want to give us.


Please note this service is only valid in the City of Toronto, Canada, and within a reasonable distance of Toronto. If we need to travel outside of Toronto the cost of gasoline to and from your location will be deducted from the total amount received.

If you want us to review an online store website we can also do that. The cost of shipping (if any) will be included in the total amount spent. If your online store provides free shipping we will mention that in our review.

If you are unhappy with the quality of our review or thought our review was too negative, please be advised that our negative responses to your products, services or your store are meant as "constructive criticism". Which means it is meant to provoke your store into either upping the quality of your store and your services, or switching to better quality products in the event the products we found at your store fell apart easily, broke easily, etc.

No refunds. Nada. We are already spending the full amount you gave us (or as close to the full amount as we can get) at your store so don't be silly by asking for a refund after we have already spent it.

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