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Welcome to Product Reviews Canada (PRC)!

You might be wondering how do we decide on which products to review?

Honestly, it is a bit randomly.

Lets say I go to a hardware store and I randomly see something I want. I buy it, take it home, and if I like it or don't like then I review it.

Sometimes people also approach me, asking for a review, offering money or a free sample of their product.

In which case expect to pay $60 Canadian for a Basic Review (500+ words).


$90 Canadian for a Detailed Review (1000+ words).

To contact me regarding a paid review email charlesmoffat {atsymbol}

Otherwise we just review whatever products we feel like reviewing. One day it might be shaving cream, another day it might be motorcycles, another day it might be apple juice. It really depends on what we are most interested in at the time.

Often I just review movies and TV shows, because lets face it, I do sometimes like to just relax and watch TV.

When I started this blog my original goal was to focus on Canadian products, but these days I am more concerned with "products available in Canada".

So if you want me to review a car that isn't sold in Canada, then I am not really interested. (Plus, how can I test drive it if its not available in Canada for a test drive?)

But if you want me to review a new type of cranberry juice that is available at a store near me, absolutely, let me try it and tell you what I think.

Charles Moffat
Product Reviews Canada

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