Saturday, February 9, 2019

Moving Product Reviews to

Hello Frequent Shopper!

If you are reading this it is because we have decided to scrap Product Reviews Canada and move many of our most popular posts to the following website:

Going forward, all new Product Reviews will be posted on the Shopping section of Lilith Press Magazine.

So if you want to continue to see Canadian product reviews, for Canadians, go visit Lilith Press and bookmark the website for future use.

Plus Lilith Press has separate sections for the following topics: (Cellphones, Computers, Tablets, etc) (Cars, Bikes, Trains and More)

So technically not everything will be in the Shopping section. Quite a bit will be spread around in the Books, Food, and other sections. But we will cross-list anything that fits in multiple topics.

Now please note, we do have over 440 product reviews on here... so it will take some time to move the old reviews to the new website.

Also, if you could be a doll, please tweet, facebook and link about our new website. We could use the extra advertising.

Thanks for visiting and supporting Product Reviews Canada!

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