Thursday, March 9, 2017

Football Baby Showers

The Four Elements of a Baby Shower with a Football Theme

If you have a pregnant friend who loves football, consider throwing her a baby shower with a football theme. Not only will she enjoy the theme, she will appreciate all of the time and planning that went into her party. Learn the four elements of a baby shower for a mom-to-be who is a football fan.

The Decorations

You can have a lot of fun choosing the decorations for your friend’s baby shower. One idea is to gather several colorful posters of her favorite football players and hang them around the room. Also, look for paper plates, cups and napkins featuring a football design. You may want to hang streamers and put up balloons that share the colors of her number one team. For party favors, you can give everyone a bag of chocolate covered football candies.

The Refreshments

The snacks you serve can echo your football theme. Make or buy a cake decorated to look like a football field. Serve your chips and dip in a bowl shaped like a football. Create a cheese plate featuring pieces of cheese shaped like footballs. Create a pretzel and peanut butter snack in the shape of small goal posts. Luckily, you can get as creative as you want with many types of foods.

The Invitations

When it comes to sending out invitations, there are plenty of options that relate to football. You could go with traditional paper invitations shaped like footballs. Or, you can send virtual invitations featuring a tune that will remind your guests of football season. The colors, graphics and text on your invitations can all work to solidify your entertaining theme.

The Gifts

You and your guests can give the mother-to-be gifts that relate to her love of football. For instance, one guest may give her a high chair with a tray shaped like a football. Other guests may give her NFL baby clothes such as pajamas, t-shirts or bibs featuring the name of her favorite team. Any of these thoughtful gifts is sure to be a hit with the mom-to-be!

Finally, to make your baby shower even more successful, try to keep the theme a secret so your friend will be pleasantly surprised when she walks into her party. Your guests will have to agree to keep the secret as well!

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