Thursday, December 10, 2015

Scrubbing Bubbles Vs Scrub Free

Today I decided to do a test of two different products sitting in the closet next to the bathroom.

#1. Scrubbing Bubbles

#2. Scrub Free

Both claim to be able to scrub your bathtub with very little work involved. So I decided to do a double test, side by side. I sprayed half the bathtub with Scrubbing Bubbles and other half with Scrub Free.

I then walked away to play with our cat - see Victoria has Claws - and then came back.

When I returned the Scrubbing Bubbles side of the bathtub was noticeably cleaner. The Scrub Free half looked like nothing had even happened.

To finish the job I sprayed the Scrub Free half of the bathtub with Scrubbing Bubbles. Because apparently Scrub Free isn't living up to its name.

Which is weird because I remember using Scrub Free a lot when I was younger and seemed to always do the job, but now it doesn't seem to work that well. Could it be that Scrub Free has changed their formula to cheaper chemicals and now it does a shoddy job compared to what it used to do?

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