Friday, November 27, 2015

Mockingjay Part 2

Review by Charles Moffat, November 2015.

As an archery instructor I am probably both the best and the worst person to be reviewing a film wherein archery is a theme.

Nevertheless, lets get the worst part over. I give Mockingjay Part 2 a meagre 3.5 out of 5 stars. Lets explain why...

#1. I am glad the film "trilogy" is over. Maybe next time someone makes a film or film trilogy with archery in it they will teach the actor or actress how to shoot properly. As an afficionado of all things warfare (from mangonels to trebuchets and from scimitars to khopeshes) I can tell you it really annoys me when a film or franchise doesn't even get the weaponry names or how they are properly used correct. In case you don't know, "Katniss" has been anchoring her fingers near her jawline, something only amateur archers would ever do when using a longbow or a traditional recurve. The proper place to anchor when using such a bow is on the mouth as it is a more consistent anchor point - there you go, you just learned something. Only archers using gadgetry use a jawline anchor.

#2. Having also read the books I must tell you that Mockingjay Part 2 has no surprises. No major changes from the third book. It is basically a somewhat dismal ending to a series, as if the author wasn't sure how to end it and decided on a somewhat lame plot twist.

#3. People die. Which is normal, people always die in the Hunger Games franchise. Still you do kind of wish they would have changed that bit, like watching Romeo and Juliet and wishing they would give it a happy ending for once - giving the audience what they want.

#4. There is really only ONE major archery scene in the film. I won't count a scene near the end because she really only shoots 1 arrow. (It could have been more interesting had she done a "double tap", but alas, no.)

#5. The acting was okay. To be expected. But the overall feel of the film is that it was a "Meh, that was okay." Not bad, not fantastic. So three stars makes sense.

The extra half star is there because the epilogue was good.

Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner

Noticed the bathtub tiles were dirty so tried out Scrubbing Bubbles all purpose cleaner - which is really meant for bathrooms, but I guess you could use it for other things.

When it comes to bathroom cleaners I just want the chemicals to do 99% of the WORK and the user should have to put in very little effort. Basically it should be so easy a lazy 5 year old could do it. Spray it on, let it sit for a few moments,  give it a light scrub if necessary and it is done. Ideally actually "scrubbing" the surface should be optional.

And in this case it was. When I scrubbed it I could not tell if the "Scrubbing Bubbles" had already done its job and it felt like I was scrubbing for the sake of scrubbing. So huzah. A product that fulfills what I wanted it to do.

Update - See my new post on this topic at Scrubbing Bubbles Vs Scrub Free.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fancy Feast Seafood

Gave our cat (Victoria) Fancy Feast Seafood today...

I am guessing you are supposed to mash it up with a fork or something first, however I gave it to her straight out of the can because she was so excited just at a whiff of the smell. She spent the first bit just licking it, apparently testing the flavour, but after awhile she dove in and started licking / muncing it up.

Colour wise the stuff looks a bit like chocolate ice cream, so it looks like she is licking chocolate ice cream. Weird but anywho.

Judging by the purring I am guessing she is giving it two paws up.

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