Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Free Trial of Mega Flix

Watching movies online for free is just one of those things many people do these days. Especially if you are into downloading your films for free.

However having the convenience of watching movies sooner - and not having to wait for the film to download - is rather nice to have. This is why I have a subscription to Netflix.

But there are other companies which offer movie downloading - including free trials.

For example:

Mega Flix has a 5 Day Free Trial

Recently I have also been thinking of getting CraveTV ( see ) just for the convenience of being able to watch as much TV shows as I want for only $4 per month. That is just ridiculously cheap and good value.

CraveTV has Game of Thrones, Dallas, Sopranos, Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory, Corner Gas, Monty Python (the TV show and all the films) and a whole lot more. It is very tempting. However there is just one flaw:

Most of the shows on there that I would want, I already own on DVD. Or have access to on Netflix.

So at this point I am undecided. That doesn't mean however that CraveTV might not be right for you. Maybe you don't have Netflix like I do. Or maybe you prefer to download everything for free (in which case, check out that free trial - it is basically 5 days worth of free movies).

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