Monday, May 12, 2014

Vests and High End Men's Fashion

By C. Moffat

I have to attend a wedding in August for my sister.

I have pants, shirts and ties that I typically wear for formal occasions. But that doesn't seem formal enough for the wedding of a sibling.

The last time a relative of mine got married it was 1998 and I recall wearing a tuxedo that was extremely fancy and included a vest, jacket and a collar button.

I also recall it being a June wedding and awfully hot outside...

Much like another wedding I attended 2 years ago for two friends who were getting married. It was extremely hot that day, the wedding was outside and I wore my black Stetson - which frankly, was awesome for keeping the heat off.

So as the August wedding for my sister approaches I find myself looking at vests.

Because let's face it, if you want to look formal you cannot go wrong with a vest. (And it should go well without a jacket - and equally well with my black Stetson.)

Browsing online I came across a company called Kishwear - which sells high end men's fashion, including vests like these below:

And the company is based in Toronto, Canada - so less shipping costs and I can feel good about myself for shopping locally. So Kishwear is good in that respect, and their commitment to high end men's fashion is pretty clear as you browse their website. Formal, retro and stylish.

Not sure if I will opt for a bow tie. I might skip the bow tie, have an open collar and put a decorative silk handkerchief in my vest pocket. I have time to think about it between now and August.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Winnie the Pooh fragrances

Someone should invent Winnie the Pooh fragrances...

They should be called "Eau de Pooh for Women" and "Eau de Pooh for Men" and should smell as follows:

"Eau de Pooh for Women" - Flowers, honey and frolicking (a light feminine musk).

"Eau de Pooh for Men" - Flowers, honey and bear hugs (deep musky smell).

Just sayin'.

There is actually a Winnie the Pooh fragrance, but it is not called "Eau de Pooh". And doesn't smell like the smells I described... and regardless of whether the bottle says "for men" or "for women", I am pretty sure it is for kids.

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