Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rawlicious - Vegan Restaurant Review

Rawlicious is a Vegan restaurant in Toronto with two different locations. I have been to both locations.

Rawlicious Yorkville
20 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M4W 1J5 ‎
(416) 646-0705

Rawlicious on Bloor
2122 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1M8 ‎
(416) 519-7150

As a non Vegan I must admit however that I do like their menu.

I have been to several other Vegan restaurants in the past and have usually been very disappointed with their menus.

Call it the problem of vegan restaurants, many of them don't know how to make food that will still appeal to non vegans.

But at Rawlicious I find a variety of things I will actually eat.

#1. Smoothies. I love me a good smoothie. A nice protein smoothie is the drink that eats like a meal.

#2. Juices. I recommend the Green Apple and Fruit Punch.

#3. Drinks. Rawlicious is one of very few Vegan restaurants that serves beer. That automatically boosts my opinion of the store. They also have lemonade, hot chocolate and a variety of teas.

#4. Appetizers. Huzzah for Spring Rolls, Soup and Nachos. The soups are changed daily, but they are typically something a non-Vegan can still eat and enjoy.

#5. Salads. It is a Vegan restaurant so there is going to be a lot of salads. My favourite is the caesar salad.

#6. Entrees. Pizza, yeah! But they also have wraps, vegan 'meatloaf', Vegan burger made out of nuts and seeds, taco, pasta and noodles.

#7. Desserts. Brownies, pies (yippee!), cheesecake, ice cream and cookies.

So basically it is a place where myself and other non Vegans can still eat and enjoy the food - and thus when eating with Vegan or vegetarian friends they don't feel forced to scan through a menu designed for omnivores and find something they can actually eat.

Which is what we omnivores do when we visit a normal Vegan restaurant. But thankfully Rawlicious has a good variety of things that even we can eat and enjoy.

Thus as Vegan restaurants go, Rawlicious is truly top of the line and offers something for everyone.

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