Friday, March 7, 2014

Last Defense Utensil Wipes - Good or overly paranoid?

Okay so the makers of Last Defense Utensil Wipes emailed me last week asking if they could send me samples of their product. Which they did.

What it is - in case you did not read the image up above - is disinfectant wipes meant to be used on utensils, glasses, tea cups, etc., basically for anyone who is super paranoid about germs.

Now I do see a real world application for this, namely people with low immune systems like people suffering from HIV / AIDS (who have no immune system at all because the HIV virus killed it).

However for the vast majority of people, worrying about germs is largely just that: Worry and paranoia.

The truth is the vast majority of germs is not going to be spread via utensils and cups at restaurants. It is going to be spread by touching door handles and door knobs, or even just coughed into the air and be attached to water molecules, in which case you will just breathe in the germs...

So unless you are planning to start wearing a face mask over your mouth and nose all the time when outdoors, chances are likely you are going to be exposing yourself to germs.

In which case there are now designer germ masks in a variety of different colours and patterns to choose from.

Back to the Last Defense Utensil Wipes I should probably say that they do work and disinfect whatever it is you are cleaning with them.

Probably. I don't have a microscope that can see germs, so I am only guessing. I cannot tell you whether they work or not at cleaning germs away.

But it probably does do what it says.

In which case you have to ask yourself, how paranoid art thou?

Well if you are the type of person who worries about the cleanliness of restaurants then maybe you should not be eating in public in the first place. Just stay at home, never leave home and eat only things you grow in your private greenhouse.


The product probably does work, but it is one of those niche products that really only appeal to people who are paranoid about eating in public places where germs are in the very air you are breathing anyway.

So if you get sick, don't blame the Last Defense Utensil Wipes because it is not their fault. They are probably doing their job. You breathed in the germs from the air anyway because that is the nature of the world we live in.

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