Friday, March 7, 2014

Galleria Supermarket - Korean Grocery Store

By Charles Moffat

Ever since I returned from South Korea I have been a fan of going to Korean grocery stores... You can get things there that you cannot get in "normal" grocery stores.

During my trip today to the Galleria Supermarket (which has several locations in Toronto and the GTA) I purchased 4 bags of groceries containing the following.

Thin slices of pork belly (for making samgyopsal Korean BBQ).



800 g of Kimchi

Samhwa Citron Tea

Red Bean Paste

Red Pepper Paste

Beef Bulgogi Ramen

Chicken Flavoured Ramen

Lemon Taiyaki Tea

Crown Peach Candy

Barley Tea

Maeshil Plum Tea

Total was $73.01.

I also got a membership card (which is free) for Galleria Supermarket, which allows me to cash in points later for free stuff at the grocery store - although frankly I will probably forget to cash in the points, but whatever.

Just for signing up for the card they also give you a coupon for $5 - but it is only valid if you come back and spend $30 or more within the next 2 weeks.

So now I have to remember to go back again before March 21st.

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