Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sears Clearance Sale - Nevada Jeans

After cleaning up the last time I went to Sears during their clearance sale I simply had to go back again.

This time I went to the jeans department and got 4 - count them, FOUR! - pairs of Nevada jeans for $13.49 each. (Their regular price was $44.99.)

However I want to point something out here - I do NOT endorse Nevada jeans, and I shall explain why. In my opinion Nevada jeans is one of those cheap jeans manufacturers that use thin fabric (which is less durable) and rely on advertising to sell their product to less discerning customers who don't know any better.

Basically they are cheap not very durable jeans that I fully expect to be full of holes by this time next year. But I balanced that against the price - $13.49. Making this purchase I realize that these jeans won't last very long and that these are basically disposable clothing I will likely throw out a year or two from now, depending on how long they last.

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