Sunday, February 23, 2014

Over 300 Product Reviews + Website Statistics

We recently published our 300th product review on Product Reviews Canada.

As such we feel it is a good time to list some of Product Reviews Canada's statistics and services.

#1. Product Reviews Canada created its first product reviews on October 7th 2010.

#2. Since 2010 Product Reviews Canada has received over 140,000 visitors and continues to become more and more popular. eg. Product Reviews Canada's popularity quadrupled between December 2012 and December 2013. (Not bragging, just saying.)

#3. The vast majority of people visiting Product Reviews Canada come from the USA and Canada - which really is not surprising since the website is in English and usually talking about products and services only available in Canada and the USA.

#4. Product Reviews Canada has had 17 approved comments.

#5. Product Reviews Canada has had 79 comments that were not approved because they contained spam links. (Word to the wise spammers, if you want advertising you need to pay for it or send us a free sample of your product so we can review it. If we see anything spammy or it contains a link to your business, we hit the spam button and delete it.)

If you want a product review just contact us { charlesmoffat at charlesmoffat dot com } and request a product review by sending us a free sample of your product or a gift card for your services.

Oh and by the way... Canada beat Sweden 3 to nothing at the gold medal men's hockey game in Sochi. Suck on that Sweden! :)

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