Saturday, February 15, 2014

GoPro Camera falls from plane, survives crash and gets licked by pig

The image is distorted due to the speed at which the camera was falling through the air, but the image on the right here is a snapshot taken from a GoPro camera that fell out of a plane while making a skydiving video.

Surprisingly the camera survived the crash by landing in a muddy pig pen, and then it was licked by a curious pig to see if it was food.

The "new owner" of the camera found it 8 months later and managed to recover the video from the camera.

So the end result would lead someone to believe that camera is really tough to survive the fall (into soft mud... so not really) and to survive 8 months outside (in an arid part of the USA where it rarely rains). So honestly, landing in mud and surviving 8 months in a relatively dry location is no big deal.

I once had an USB key go through both my washing machine AND my dryer, without so much of a scratch on it. It still works today. So the truth is some electronics (as long as they are reasonably well made) can withstand a fair amount of falling, bouncing and water. Unless it is an iPhone of course, in which case it will break the first time you drop it.

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