Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Battling Mold on your Window Sills

Canadians might be seeing a lot more mold growing on their window sills and walls near their windows this winter due to excessive cold we have experienced this winter. The reason is because the colder temperatures on the glass windows causes condensation on windows, the water collects on surfaces near the window and then the mold grows wherever there is moisture.

The good news is that is just superficial and looks disgusting. Black mold, the kind that can damage your lungs, won't grow on such surfaces because there isn't enough food supply for it to eat. Common green mold just needs moisture and a little bit of dirt to grow - but isn't dangerous to be breathing in.

Mold commonly grows more often in bathrooms and kitchens more often because of the extra heat and moisture in these rooms. Some people who have very warm bedrooms will also experience more mold around their windows and on window sills.

So how do you Clean Mold on Window Sills and Walls?

Honestly, good old fashioned soapy water is good for cleaning off the mold, but the stuff I recommend is Pledge and / or Pine-Sol. That way it isn't just clean, but smells nice too.

Afterwards dry all the surfaces with a towel - and I recommend following up with a paper towel to be doubly sure it is dry.

In the future make an effort of cleaning the area of any condensation if you notice condensation building up, that way the mold won't have a chance to grow in the first place.

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