Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Popcorn popper

Who say that popcorn is healthiest than all other junk foods?! With the microwave gone due to damage inside that was no longer safe to use, I really wanted to have some popcorn! Sigh...I didn't know how long I could live without popcorn. BUT that was not too long for me...guess what?! I got the Bella popcorn popper at Wal-Mart a few months ago. 


The store offered various Bella popcorn poppers in different sizes from largest to smaller and various designs. I bought the classic type popcorn popper that was almost similar to ones at movie theatres. 
One day, I invited my friend and his girlfriend to my place for a chat and watched a movie. It was my first time to use the machine. His girlfriend and I were not so sure how much we poured the popcorn kernels into the popping chamber. We didn't follow the instructions and that was so me who never follow rules! We turned it on and we watched it popping. I touched the machine...oh was so hot! No wonder why it had the hot air vents for! much popcorn came out of the chute. Karma had bit my ass! HAHAHAHA 
So far the machine did it a super job! I rated it 5 out of 5! 

There are 27 rules to follow to avoid any hazard but I will not go through this tedious rules! 
1. Do not touch hot surfaces. Always wear oven mitts or use pot holders to handle hot appliances. (Leave it until it cool down, your bare hands won't be torched)
2. Children should not handle the machine without an adult supervision (unless your kid is smart enough to apply common sense)
3. Do not place it close to any liquids (unless if you want to destroy it, then go ahead and hopefully, it will not burn down your home. If that happens, I hope you have the insurance to cover the damage)
4. Do not operate it if the cord is damaged. If the machine functions not right, bring it to a qualified technician for examination, repair or electrical or mechanical adjustment. 
5. When not use it, always unplug it! 
6. Never add more than one measuring cap of kernels into the popping chamber at one time. DO NOT OVERFILL. (Oops) 
7. Do not add butter oil, shortening, water, salt, sugar or seasoning or any other substances. Damage will happen! 

Glad, I only told you the 7 rules! Wink

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