Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bass Pro Archery in Vaughan

By Charles Moffat - Professional Archery Instructor

Yesterday I went to Bass Pro in Vaughan to buy some new archery equipment. (I already have over 10 different bows so this is nothing new to me.)

I got a new compound bow - a Diamond Infinite Edge. (I researched and chose this bow because it is easily adjustable.) $349.99

6 new arrows (Blackout X5 Envy 400s). $44.99

A compound bow case. $49.99

Patriot trigger release. $32.99

Subtotal $477.96 + HST ($62.13)

= $540.09 TOTAL

Oh and I got a Bass Pro rewards card (on which I have already racked up $10 worth of points).

The service was excellent and I guarantee I will be going back again sometime.

Other archery stores I recommend are "Tent City" in North York, "Basically Bows Archery" on Queen Street East, "The Bow Shop" in Waterloo and "Archer's Nook" in London.

I also took a number of photos of the store itself. I want to note also that Bass Pro is specifically a hunting and fishing store - so it really only caters to hunters. You can still get wooden bows there, but they're hardly the store's specialty. If you are looking for a wooden bow you are better off going to one of the stores I mentioned further above.

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