Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rudder Bows Archery - Longbows

I purchased a new bow today.

I now own 7 bows, so this is really nothing new.

It is a 35 - 40 lb hickory longbow from "Rudder Bows Archery" company. Paid $149 + tax.

I bought it from a new archery store in Toronto which specializes in traditional archery gear. If you are regular at the Toronto Public Archery Range you already know the owner. His name is Gary and you are probably familiar with him if you visit the Toronto Archery Range regularly - older guy with mustaches and a longbow. Shown here on the right with a buffalo target.

Gary called his new archery store "Basically Bows Archery" - but I think he should have just called it "Gary's Archery Shop", after himself because he is quite well known at the Toronto Public Archery Range.

Anyway back to the bow.

The hickory longbow is a traditional longbow that still performs really well today. Its simple easy to use design means that basically anyone can pick it up - beginners or professional archers and get some amazingly good accuracy out of it.

I found the video below praising the bow I purchased. I think the video summarizes what I am getting at here, that this is a classic longbow design that works really well and performs above expectations.

I have yet to try my new bow at the range, but it is certain to be a lot of fun.

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