Friday, August 2, 2013

Men's Degree Antiperspirant

Ah, free samples.

Free samples are great for someone who does product reviews.

They give you this little tiny sample in the store - which is good for maybe a week - and then after the week is done you get to review it. Or in the case of a regular customer, you decide whether you liked it or not and want to buy more.

In which case sometimes the free sample has a coupon on the back. Like my little sample of Men's Degree Antiperspirant does, a 50 cent coupon on the back of it.

In this case however I will NOT be using the coupon - because I did not like the product.


Too sticky. Felt completely uncomfortable on my armpits.

Wore off too quickly too. If it can't do a 3 hour stretch outside without reapplication it isn't doing its job.

Also I have a hunch it contains aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly - which is carcinogenic and causes lymph node cancer (lymph nodes are glands which control the sweat to your armpits). The chemical is commonly used in antiperspirants despite numerous lawsuits.

So yeah, one more reason not to buy Men's Degree Antiperspirant.

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