Monday, August 5, 2013

Lucky Brand leather jacket, plus Marina Sport

During my shopping yesterday I passed by the store Lucky Brand in the Eaton's Centre and saw a men's leather jacket that I liked.

So I went inside and had a closer look. Twas $449.99.

It was very close to what I was looking for. A dark brown leather jacket that I could wear while doing archery in the Spring and Fall.

Similar to the jacket shown here on the right, which is also from Lucky Brand.

Lucky Brand only has two stores in Toronto...

1 at the Eaton's Centre and the other 1 at Yorkdale mall.

However since I had already predetermined that I wanted to shop around and find the "perfect jacket" I instead made a note of the brand and kept looking.

Also while I am noting things, I want to point out that most stores don't sell jackets in the summer. Waste of space from their perspective. I even had a chat with a clerk on the topic yesterday and while I agree for most stores it is a waste of space, having them available for the people looking for them in the office season still makes good logical sense.

After finishing my shopping I hung out with my girlfriend and showed her the new Private Member Black and Red Striped Shirt I had purchased earlier. And I mentioned my search for a new leather jacket.

And then she mentioned that she had purchased a similar leather jacket to my description for her ex-boyfriend years ago and how it was brand new, tried on once, had been too big for her ex, and how after they had broken up it had remained in the closet on a hanger for the longest time - awaiting a Prince Charming who could fit it just like Cinderella's slipper.

And wouldn't you know it, it fit me.

And it is the right colour, design, shape, etc for my needs. Whoddathunkit?

Which means I should now talk about it.

It is an Italian leather jacket from a company called Marina Sport. I have been unable to find a photo that is an exact copy of the jacket online, but I did find a Marina Sport leather jacket which is similar. At some point I shall take a photo of me in the new jacket and post it on here.

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