Friday, August 2, 2013

Canadian Tire... Selection?

I went to Canadian Tire TWICE today with the intention of buying something. Both times I left without buying anything. This is unusual for me since I always buy something. My best explaination is that I was unhappy with Canadian Tire's selection...

I was hoping to buy a fan - but couldn't find one I like.

I was also looking at fishing equipment - again, nothing caught my fancy.

I also browsed kitchen wares and tools. Nothing I wanted or needed.

Maybe I was just picky today? Or maybe their selection really is lower than what I was hoping for.

Update: Also went to Dollarama - but this time I did buy some kitchen and bath things. Weird eh? Dollarama had more interesting selection for once.

In other news I have also decided to start looking for a new leather jacket. Something in brown, like a dark wood brown.

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