Monday, July 15, 2013

The Next James Bond film = Devil May Care

Daniel Craig is set to star in ‘Devil May Care’, the next James Bond film, based off the book of the same name.

Warning, this post will contain spoilers.

The title is, I admit, a tad religious for a 007 movie, but hey, maybe James Bond will be taking on a group of terrorists / cult of devil worshippers? A bit off key from the normal evil henchmen who blindly follow their maniacal leader out of fear than any real belief system. Or not. Who knows.

What is also confirmed is that director Sam Mendes (Skyfall) will be returning for the new film.

"Devil May Care" was a book written by Sebastian Faulks to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ian Fleming's birth. The plot is about Dr Julius Gorner - an evil chemist with a vendetta against the United Kingdom… and as always, he has a score to settle.

However much of Faulks book will likely be scrapped, keeping only the basics, and creating a more realistic and gritty plot. I haven't read Faulks' book, but if its written like Ian Fleming's work then it probably contains the classic Bond film stereotypes: Evil baddie, the maniacal plan, the pimped out evil hideout, some new high tech weaponry, and the small army of goons ready to die for Mr Baddie.

Lets read the synopsis, shall we?

The story is set in the 1960s. Bond is instructed by his superior, M, to investigate a man named Dr Julius Gorner, and his bodyguard, Chagrin. Bond is warned that his performance will be monitored and that a new 00 agent is waiting in the wings if his actions go awry.

Bond flies to Imperial Iran (Persia) to investigate. Gorner owns factories and produces legitimate pharmaceuticals, however MI6 suspects he has other motives. During Bond's investigation he identifies Gorner due to a deformity of his hand, and establishes Gorner's complicity in a scheme to not only flood Europe with cheap drugs but also to launch a two-pronged terrorist attack on the Soviet Union, whose retaliation will subsequently devastate the UK. The attack is to be made using a stolen British airliner, earlier hijacked over Iraqi airspace, and an ekranoplan. Bond is assisted in his investigation by Scarlett Papava (whose twin sister Poppy is under Gorner's emotional spell), Darius Alizadeh (the local head of station), JD Silver (an in-situ agent), and Felix Leiter.

Bond is eventually captured by Gorner in the heroin plant, who explains that Bond is to be used as bait during a drugs delivery across the Afghan desert, and should he survive an expected ambush, is to fly the captured airliner into the Russian heartland. Bond would be identified as British upon its destruction, increasing the evidence against the British Government. (WHY DO BADDIES ALWAYS REVEAL THEIR MANIACAL PLAN TO BOND?) Bond survives the predicted Afghan attack and plots an escape attempt, which sees Scarlett get away due to Bond surrendering himself as a diversion. In the morning he is taken aboard the aeroplane. Before the airliner can bomb the Soviets, with the aid of the airliner's pilot and Scarlett (who had been hiding on board), Bond regains control of the aeroplane and aims it into a mountainside before parachuting to safety.

Meanwhile, Felix Leiter and Darius inform agent Silver of the second method of attack. Silver shows himself to be a double agent by failing to call in an airstrike against the Ekranoplan and by attempting to kill Leiter and Darius. In the shoot-out Darius successfully calls in the airstrike at the cost of his own life and Leiter survives only thanks to the timely arrival of Hamid, his taxi driver. (SERIOUSLY? SAVED BY THE TAXI DRIVER???) The Ekranoplan is destroyed by RAF Vulcan bombers before it reaches its target. Bond and Scarlett escape through Russia but are pursued by Chagrin, who Bond finally kills on a train. Later Gorner meets him on a boat and tries to shoot him, but Bond pushes him off, where he is torn to pieces by a propeller. With the subsequent elimination of both Chagrin and Gorner, Bond considers his mission a success, and on condition that the agent M has waiting in the wings will not take his place Bond is sent to assess the new agent, designated 004. She turns out to be Scarlett Papava. Scarlett discloses that the story of her twin sister was a ploy to convince Bond to enable her to join the mission. Papava feared that if Bond knew she was a potential 00 agent, he would not have worked with her. With Bond returning to active duty, Scarlett moves off to her own operations as a full 00 agent.


So no evil hideout. But an ekranoplan is still pretty awesome. A giant hovercraft would be kewl too. Definitely something a villain should have and than Bond should blow up by the end of the movie.

However whether such things would go into the new film is really up to the team of producers and writers. As long as they don't muck it up and do it properly then we will be happy.

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