Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hand to Hand Fighting US Army Special Forces

I am really enjoying the following book:

Hand to Hand Fighting - Karate / Tae-Kwon-Do

The book is designed for use by US Army Special Forces and is meant as a training manual. It is not a fluffy martial arts book full of colour photos (all the photos in this book are greyscale) designed to boost the ego of the reader - it is a no nonsense military book on the subject of hand to hand combat.

It also includes a section on how to defend yourself from knife, gun and rifle attacks - in order to pinch their weapon and gain the upper hand.

Price - $12.99.

I got it from an army surplus store and it was totally worth it. I am going to reread it again when I am done. And practice much of the contents during my spare time, possibly adding them as a permanent feature to my fitness routine.

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