Monday, July 22, 2013

GOLD - Review of the 1974 film starring Roger Moore

GOLD is a 1974 thriller film starring Roger Moore (mostly known for being James Bond and The Saint).

The Plot

A cartel of unscrupulous business men devise a plan to substantially raise the value of gold on the world markets by arranging an accident which will shut down one of South Africa's biggest gold mines. Mine owner Hurry Hirschfeld (Ray Milland) is unaware that his son-in-law Manfred Steyner (Bradford Dillman) is at the root of the diabolical plot. Rod Slater (Roger Moore) is the newly promoted General Manager of the gold mine is persuaded to undertake drilling through to a new gold seam based on a geological report he suspects may not be accurate. If there is water there and not gold, the result would be a devastating flood...

Oh and in typical Roger Moore fashion, he is sleeping with Steyner's wife.

I give the film 4 stars - partially because I am a Roger Moore fan, but also because I like the theme of the film - emphasis on the fact that gold isn't really worth as much as people think it is, because it is not worth human life. I also like the theme song. The theme song by itself is quite good. (The film was nominated for an Academy Award for best original song.)

The first video below is the theme song. The 2nd video is the movie itself, available for free on YouTube.

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