Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Deep Space Nine Review

I am currently in the final stages of watching ALL of the Deep Space Nine (Star Trek) episodes.

Now to be fair, I used to hate Deep Space Nine. The show to me was a bit of a dud. I thought it was too much like a soap opera, I didn't really like the characters (especially Quark who I found super annoying), and I didn't really give the show a fair chance.

But now, after watching 6 and a half seasons of it, and I will likely finish season 7 in the next 4 days, I must admit I really was treating the show unfairly. Again, I blame Quark.

However now that I have seen (almost) all of it Quark and many of the other characters have grown on me. The show I used to hate and make fun of (mostly due to my own refusal to watch it unless I had to) has now proven itself worthy.

Basically it all comes down to the fact that I realized about a month ago that I had never given the show a fair chance and decided to watch season 1 to see if I liked it. Turns out I did. Six and a half seasons later I am very happy I gave the show a chance.

It is a bit like trying a new food that looks a bit disgusting - like the Klingon dish "gagh" (pronunced "gack"), which is basically live squirming worms. Yes, you don't like it because it visually looks unappealing, slimy and disgusting - but for all I know it could be very tasty and amazing. No idea. It is after all a fictional food.

But now, after trying it, I must admit Deep Space Nine was far better than I was expecting - and well worthy of the Star Trek name.

I also thoroughly enjoy all of the original series of Star Trek, most of the Next Generation episodes, most of Voyager episodes and most of the Enterprise episodes.

Despite what some people think I also think Enterprise was a fine show and that it wasn't due to any lack of quality that the show's ratings suffered. The problem was that audiences had become a little too fed up on "too much Star Trek". The tv shows, the movies, Star Trek conventions, science fiction TV shows that are basically a rip off from Star Trek... shows like Babylon 5, Battlestar Gallactica, Farscape, Andromeda, Firefly, etc...

Now I realize that some fans out there will get upset that their favourite show is being accused of being a "rip off" of Star Trek, so let me explain. Star Trek was basically the first space trekking TV show about a spaceship. Everything that comes after that - regardless of plot, ship design, etc - is essentially a rip off, even if they are deliberately trying to avoid that connection.

Star Trek is essentially the alpha and omega when it comes to science fiction TV shows about spaceships. There are other sources of science fiction (mostly books) that came before that, but Star Trek is the "big man on campus".

And for those people out there who want to pipe up and mention Star Wars, I must remind you that Star Wars is not science fiction - it is a fantasy adventure story (and episodes I, II and III all rather suck). Star Wars has magic (the force), light sabres (swords) and floating castles in space (death stars) and swashbuckling rogues with names like Han Solo. Take away the space travel and replace it with sailing ships and it is more like Pirates of the Caribbean than anything else.

Yada yada yada, I think I have made my point. Deep Space Nine is good.

Various other science fiction TV shows are also good. Sometimes.

Episodes I, II and III of Star Wars all suck.

Oh! And Star Trek V - The Final Frontier, worst Star Trek movie ever. Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home are awesome! :)

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