Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Caveman, 1981 slapstick comedy

 CAVEMAN is a 1981 slapstick comedy starring Ringo Starr, Dennis Quaid, Shelley Long and Barbara Bach. Oh and John Matuszak as Tonda, the big dumb villain of the story.

The plot centers around 2 groups of cavemen and their discoveries of fire, how to cook food, how to make weapons, fighting over women, avoiding big scary monsters, and even language issues.

Various movies in the past have tried to conquer the topic of cavemen on a regular basis. The few successful films include One Million Years BC (starring Raquel Welch) and 10,000 BC (starring Steven Strait and Camilla Belle).

Other films in a similar vein like to bring the caveman forward in time and typically "unfreeze" him from a block of ice. Films such as "Iceman" and "Encino Man" fall into this category.

In total there is about 50 or so English movies with a caveman theme, but many of them are low budget and not really worth watching.

Caveman however is. As a comedy about cavemen, definitely worth watching. Right down to the funny stop-motion dinosaurs, which apparently the writers felt was sillier than keeping true to historical fact. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

Watch below on YouTube for free.

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