Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yogurt - Beatrice Vs Activia

One of the things I like to do when shopping is compare labels (hot tip) to see what the calories in different products are.

Today I looked at

Beatrice Yogurt - 90 calories per small container
Activia Yogurt - 100 calories per small container
Activia Fat Free Yogurt - 40 calories per small container

Now the obvious choice - if you are on a diet - is to buy the Activia Fat Free yogurt because it has the least amount of calories in it. However I have purchased the Activia Fat Free yogurt in the past numerous times so I decided its time for a change.

So instead I am now trying the Beatrice yogurt.

Because how can I call myself a real product reviews person unless I sample different companies???

In the past I have also tried the Astro Zero yogurt too - and so far it is my favourite. Goes well mixed with granola or plain by itself. The Astro Zero also has 40 calories per small container.

I shall update this later with my thoughts on the 90 calories Beatrice yogurt. (I do like Beatrice chocolate milk so maybe the yogurt will be good too.)

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