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Ties, Suspenders and Cufflinks Oh My!

Grey Paisley Design Silk Tie - $9.95 AUD

Honestly... When it comes to ties, suspenders and cufflinks I really could not care less about Brand Name.


Because I can't NAME a brand name of ties, suspenders and cufflinks. (Ask me about bicycles on the other hand and I will rattle off about Miele, Norco, CCM, Raleigh, Cervelo, etc.)

And it is the honest truth - myself and, I imagine, many other men would be hard pressed to name a manufacturer of ties, suspenders and cufflinks - unless they were really into a particular brand for some reason.

Now for demonstration purposes lets use a website which has all three. The Aussie website Ties n Cuffs ( has all three - and they sell men's handkerchiefs too. And scarves, men's underwear, tie clips, socks, silk vests and more. So they will be a good demonstration for talking about ties and other things.

But what impressed me about this website is that they DO pay attention to the brand names of all the companies. They are (I copy pasted this straight off their website so some of them are not actually brand names, but just topics like "clip on ties" instead) the following:

  • 2eros
  • 4 Play London Business Socks
  • 4Play London
  • AFL Belts
  • AFL Credit Card Holders
  • AFL Cufflinks
  • AFL Tie Bars
  • AFL Ties
  • AS Colour
  • Belt Buckles
  • Ben Sherman Underwear
  • Bloke Undees
  • Bonds
  • Bow Tie and Hanky Sets
  • Bow Ties
  • BR4SS Underwear
  • Braces
  • Braces by Buckle
  • Budgy Smugglers
  • Business Belts
  • Carlo Visconti Collection
  • Carlo Visconti Socks
  • Celtic Antique Silver Cuffs
  • Chicklinks
  • Clip On tie
  • Collar Stays+ Collar Bars
  • Cufflink Box
  • Culture Cuffs
  • DC Comic Cufflinks
  • DC Comics
  • Diesel
  • DIY
  • DKufflinks
  • Footy Cuffs
  • Footy Socks
  • Frank Dandy
  • Fun Novelty Cuffs
  • Geoffrey Beene
  • Gianfranco FERRE
  • Gift Voucher
  • Giorgio Rossini Italy
  • Givenchy Ties
  • Grundies
  • Hardy Amies
  • Hardy Amies Cufflinks
  • Hardy Amies Formal Ties
  • Hardy Amies Pocket Squares
  • Hardy Amies Socks
  • Holeproof Socks
  • Jockey
  • K by Karl Lagerfeld
  • King Socks
  • Knitted Scarves
  • Lafitte Socks
  • Lapel Pins
  • Leather Belts
  • Leather Island Belts
  • Men's Gift Sets
  • Money Clips
  • Moschino
  • Mosmann Australia
  • Muay Tie
  • NRL Official Team Cufflinks
  • Nudie Ties
  • On sale ties
  • Oroton Underwear
  • Pashmina fashion Scarfs
  • Personalised Beanies
  • Personalised Belt Buckles
  • Personalised Collar Stays
  • Personalised Cufflinks
  • Personalised Lapel Pins
  • Personalised Scarves
  • Personalised Supporter Sets
  • Personalised Tiebars
  • Personalised Ties
  • Plain Silk Scarves
  • Plastik Underwear.
  • Pocket Squares
  • Polyester Scarves
  • Puma Socks
  • Puma Underwear
  • Roberto Loren Collection
  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Silk Georgette Scarves
  • Silk Knot Cufflink Series
  • Silk Satin Scarves
  • Silk Series
  • SirRocco Cufflinks
  • SirRocco woven ties
  • Sly Underwear
  • SmartSet
  • Snatch Underwear
  • SNJ Socks
  • Socks Express
  • Star Wars Cufflinks
  • Teamm8
  • Tiebox
  • Timothy K
  • TNC
  • TNC Bottle Openers
  • TNC coins
  • TNC Cufflinks
  • TNC Custom
  • TNC Money Clips
  • TNC Neckties
  • TNC Novelty
  • TNC Pewter Mugs
  • TNC School Ties
  • TNC Skinny
  • TNC Tie Bars
  • TNC Vests
  • TNC Wallets
  • Tribe Underwear
  • Underwear Of Sweden
  • Valentino
  • Vintage Cufflinks
  • Vintage Ties
  • VIP
  • Wedding Cravats
  • Wedding Cuff Links
  • Wedding Silk Ties
  • Wood Look Cufflinks
  • Wright Socks

Hardy Amies Formal Silk Tie - Black Floral - $50.00 AUD
In which case, that is A LOT OF BRAND NAMES.

I had no idea there was so many companies in the men's accessories business.

I do like suspenders and ties myself (especially silk ties with a very kewl pattern on them), but not a big fan of cufflinks. The photos I have chosen for this blog post are silk ties I picked out because I like their patterns.

What I do like about the Ties N Cuffs website is that you can search their selection very easily and it shows you EXACTLY what you are looking for...


Mucho gracias!

The only disappointment was when I tried typing in "Moffat tartan" to see if they had a tie with my Scottish family tartan on it. They did have a variety of tartan ties (44 results, including bow ties and other tartan products), but they didn't have specifically the tartan I was looking for (see Moffat tartan below).

So maybe that is something they could add in the future. Tartans ties and bow ties for specific families.

However I will note they also had custom bow ties and custom ties. So maybe it is possible to get the exact thing you are looking for.

The last thing I should talk about is the prices.

Ties can get quite expensive sometimes. The Hardy Amies Formal Silk Tie in Black Floral for $50.00 AUD above for example... is a tie worth drooling over. But you wouldn't want to drool physically on it because its $50!!! That is the kind of tie you should wear to weddings, funerals and really important events.

The Grey Paisley silk tie that I picked out (way up at the top) on the other hand won't break your wallet. And it still looks fantastic.

What I also like about that website is that it tells you when a product is currently sold out.

What I don't like is that you cannot sign up for a waiting list so that they will email you when the product becomes available again. (I should email them with a list of suggestions for improving the customer experience...)

Still, its a very good website and one worth checking out if you like ties, cufflinks and other accessories.

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