Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sears Canada

I have a word or two to say about Sears Canada.

#1. If they are going to have outlet stores and retail stores, they should really change the names.

And their websites. That way if you browse something on and then go to a particular store... only to discover that certain stores don't carry the same merchandise.

They should rebrand the retail stores and give it a new name that is more fitting. Keep the outlet stores as "Sears".

#2. Does anyone even use Sears catalogues anymore?

I mean yes, you can order things from a Sears catalogue and then go pick it up. Super convenient. Works even better now that we have the internet. But when you have the WHOLE internet at your disposal why would you buy anything through Sears? Better variety? Nope. Better prices? Nope, not that either.

In which case Sears is missing a huge opportunity. They could dramatically improve the variety of things they sell through the Sears catalogues and website and get a lot more sales that way. They could even expand into electronics and give Best Buy and Future Shop a run for their money. (Again, this new direction should be rebranded under a different company name - something that will inspires tech people.)

#3. Service, or lack thereof.

I do not go to Sears for their quality service. It would be nice if they did have higher quality service, but at this point its barely lip service. They "pretend" to give you service.

Today I wandered the bedding department looking lost for over 10 minutes, expecting one of the staff to offer to help me. (Normally in a store they're rushing over and asking if you need any help, especially if you are looking lost.) Eventually I had to go to a clerk and ASK for help. I shouldn't need to ask. It should just happen and then I can either politely say "No thanks." or "Yes, I am trying to find blankety-blankety-blank."

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