Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mouthwashes Review - Scope Vs DualBlast Vs Listerine

When it comes to cleaning your teeth toothpaste is very important.

But I would argue that rinsing your mouth out afterwards with a good quality mouthwash is every bit equally as important to kill all the germs in your mouth.

Or at least 99.9% of them.

Scope is the brand I've been using for years. It is the brand my parents use, continue to use and the brand I am most accustomed to.

However a number of years ago Scope came out with several new flavours including Citrus and Cinnamon. I didn't really like the cinnamon, but the Citrus flavour was so good I completely switched over to that and ditched my old Scope.

But then they took the Citrus version off the market a few years ago.


So now I am back to the old mint flavour, which sucks in comparison.

As a result I am now in a constant search for a new mouthwash that tastes as good as the citrus version.

I've tried various bottles of Listerine. They ALL taste horrible and ingredients wise its the same stuff (alcohol) which is cleaning your teeth and killing the germs. I'd rather swish my mouth with vodka than use Listerine.

The old mint Scope is boring... But I still buy it regularly.

Today I tried DualBlast Scope - the Icy Mint flavour. Meh. It is okay but nothing special.

Hey Scope executives, if you bother to read this, bring back the Citrus scope!!!

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