Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Edward de Gale, Toronto philanthropist

This isn't really a product review. Its a kudos.

Kudos to Edward de Gale, a local Toronto philanthropist and social entrepreneur who donates his time (and sometimes his money) helping others who are in need.

Toronto needs more people like Edward de Gale. So kudos to him.

In contrast we could use less of our idiot mayor Rob Ford. The guy makes Dumb and Dumber look smart.

And if you've never seen the comedy Dumb and Dumber then I strongly recommend you go watch it.


Check out all the good work he has done over the years.

  • Share The Warmth

  • City of Toronto: Community Service Volunteer Awards - 2002 winners

  • Housing Awareness Event - 2006

  • Homeowners get burned over heating costs - Globe & Mail

  • Gouged customers shocked by power costs - Toronto Star

  • Extreme cold brings out the rescue squads - Toronto Star

  • Price increase hikes demand for 'power bank' - Ottawa Citizen
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