Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Butchered Pork, Much Tastier than grocery store pork

Earlier this year I bought a pig.

Or rather half of a pig.

My sister and her husband purchased the other half of the pig.

Now I am not talking about a cute little tiny piglet either.

I am talking about a huge boar weighing several hundred pounds.

This pig we purchased was then butchered and made into...

Pork Chops
Ham Roasts
Spare Ribs
Butt Chops
Side Pork (similar to bacon)

And so forth...

Now there is a huge fundamental difference in the quality of the meat you get from your grocery store and the quality of the meat you get from an Ontario farmer and a local butcher.

#1. Butchered meat tastes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

#2. Healthier too. No additives and dyes.

#3. The meat is fresher, locally grown, and the pigs in Ontario are better fed.

#4. The sausages taste way better because they are made from better quality parts of the pig instead of from the poorest quality parts of the pig.

And to top it all off... its cheaper to buy a pig and get the meat butchered this way. Costs about half as much as buying the same quantity of meat from a grocery store.

If you buy meat straight from a butcher you will still be paying a mark up price like you would in a grocery store. But when you buy the pig yourself and then pay for the butchering, you cut out the mark up price and save yourself a bundle.

So better tasting, healthier pork in your freezer... and more money left in your wallet. Its a win-win scenario.

The only downside is that you need a nice big freezer with lots of space to store a whole pig's worth of meat.

Which is why in my family we buy a pig and then split it between siblings. Saves us space in our freezers.

Buying your pork from the grocery store??? That is for suckas.

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