Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nuru Massage Oil

Nuru is a massage oil typically used for erotic massages. Typically with both parties completely nude and covered in nuru oil. The word Nuru originates from Japan and means "slippery / smooth" because the oil was first popularized by Japanese massage parlours.

Nuru massage oil is an essential and integral part of all nuru massages. The liquid isn't even a real oil - it is water based, and is mostly odorless and tasteless massage gel, which is derived from seaweed leaves. The gel is applied to a large area of the body and then spread around using the hands to create a very slippery surface. During the massage participants often try to get the widest possible physical contact in terms of skin-on-skin, so that participants can enjoy the feeling of slippery skin going back and forth...

Lovers using Nuru / Nuru masseuses often use their entire body to take advantage of the strong tactile sensations, which are very useful for relieving stress.

Nuru massage is best performed in specially heated rooms as the gel works best when warmed to an appropriate temperature.

Because Nuru gel is water-based, colorless, odorless, and tasteless its very safe for people to use. In contrast some people develop allergic reactions to oil-based massage oils - including baby oil / mineral oil, which has a distinctive smell. The main component in Nuru gel is the sulfated polysaccharide fucoidan, which is obtained from the leaves of the brown seaweed plant (Sphaerotrichia divaricata). Other ingredients include Chamomile (Azulene) and minerals. Nuru gel is similar in composition and application to medical gels such as those used for ultrasound examinations.

Around 2010, Nuru massage has become popular around the world. Many massage parlors and independent massage providers in Canada, the USA and Europe have started offering nuru massage services. There are very few places currently which provide Nuru massage in Toronto, but one of the places that do provide it is the escort service "Naughty Nuru".

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