Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Blue Hoodie from American Apparel

I just purchased a new blue hoodie from American Apparel for $62.15 CDN.

It is basically identical to the green hoodie I bought awhile back. Proof that if you love a product you go back for more.

Reasons why I love this particular hoodie?

#1. No logo. I am a huge believer in NOT advertising brand names on my clothing. (Unless of course I am being paid to do so, then it would actually make sense. The people out there wearing GAP on their shirts and paying extra to buy such a shirt probably has a gap in between their ears where their brain should be.)

#2. Comfort. These hoodies really are super comfy.

#3. Handy zipper and pockets. It annoys me when I have to pull a hoodie over my head. (Or off my head during coitus - I think people should use the word coitus more often. Its a fun word.)

#4. Plain colours. I prefer primary colours. Weird . bizarre colours are just not for me. Plus primary colours are easier to match with.

#5. I wear these hoodies regularly. My green hoodie I typically wear once per week.

The only problem I have with American Apparel is that their sizes are all incorrectly labelled... they undersize their clothing.

Extra Large is really just a large.
Large is really a medium.
Medium is really a small.
Small is really an extra small.
And extra small is really XXS.

Basically its because they want to sell only to fit / skinny people. They don't sell XXL in their stores (they might claim to do so on their website, but if you go to a store in person you won't find anything that big). The biggest size is XL and its really just a large with the wrong label.

So if you're either a really big muscular Arnold type person... or a rather obese person... either way you can't buy clothing at American Apparel. Their clothes are just too small.

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