Monday, February 4, 2013

John Carter of Mars

I just finished watching John Carter (the film) a 2nd time. It was actually BETTER the 2nd time.

The first time I saw it in the theatre so I guess that says a bit.

Anyway. Fairly good film. 4 stars out of 5.

It was not a financial success in the USA but it did do well overseas. I think part of the problem was that many people in the USA have never heard or read the series of books by American fantasy writer Edgar Rice Burroughs.

In my opinion Disney should have filmed the whole trilogy at once (Lord of the Rings style) and saved themselves some production costs.

Plus apparently they went ridiculously over budget on it. $250 million. They could have made 5 smaller budget films for that kind of money. That isn't the film's fault. That is the result of idiot producers overspending on things. Proof that Disney needs to fire their producers.

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