Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Golf wedges and golf equipment

Golf wedges are used for getting your golf ball out of a sand trap. That's really all they are good for except maybe attacking a burglar in the middle of the night. Personally if I have a burglar in the middle of the night I reach for my katana...

But today we're supposed to be talking about golf. I don't play golf. Except miniature golf, I have played that. So I am definitely not an expert on the topic of golf. I think golf is a sport for people with no physical talent or prowess.

And Tiger Woods, well, he's just a douche-bag who cheated on his wife... And his parents were apparently hippies for calling in Tiger Woods.

What else can I say about golf wedges and golf equipment? Well, I do use golf tees in archery to pin up the targets. They're very handy that way. Golf bags, golf clubs, golf balls... I don't use them for anything nor do I have any interest in getting them for anything.

To me golfers are doing it all wrong when they are practicing... Instead of practicing long drives they should actually be practicing "difficult shots".

Such as dropping 20 golf balls deliberately into a sand trap and practicing getting the balls out of the sand trip.

Or dumping 20 golf balls in rough terrain (with obstacles) and practicing making quality shots despite the rougher and tougher circumstances.

I also think they should be using targets when doing long drives, so that they have something to aim at. If they're just whacking the balls as far as they can hit them then they're just as likely to knock the ball into the rough or the trees because of their shoddy aim.

Another thing I don't like about golfers is that they don't cross-train... any regular athlete uses cardio, yoga, stretching, weightlifting and other exercises to build up their strength, muscle control, etc. Golfers are comparatively lazy when compared to real athletes.

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