Friday, January 18, 2013

Richard Nixon Comedy "Dick" Surprisingly Funny

"Dick" is a 1999 political comedy about the Watergate Scandal, telling a fictionalized version of how Richard Nixon was removed from office by the source known as "Deepthroat".

While it is true that the real Deepthroat was Mark Felt and this was later revealed in 2005, this rather amusing comedy about how two teenage girls took down the president and all the president's men is surprisingly funny and smartly written.

What I also like about this film is the soundtrack. It has a lot of great songs from the 1970s on it.

The cast includes:

Kirsten Dunst as Betsy Jobs
Michelle Williams as Arlene Lorenzo
Dan Hedaya as President Richard M. Nixon
Bruce McCulloch as Carl Bernstein
Will Ferrell as Bob Woodward
Saul Rubinek as Henry Kissinger
Dave Foley as Bob Haldeman

And best of all you can watch it for free on YouTube.

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