Wednesday, January 16, 2013

McDonald's Oatmeal = WRONG

When McDonald's released their salads, with just as much fat as a Big Mac, you might have thought it couldn't get any worse.
Well it has.
Apparently McDonald's can't even make Oatmeal without somehow filling it with extra sugar and fat.
McDonald's is always looking to cash-in on a new breakfast dish, and cooked oatmeal, made with dried fruit sounds like a good idea right? Well it's not!

The 11 ingredients, (some of which you may not recognize because they're man-made chemicals) in this surprisingly expensive breakfast includes cream, brown sugar, sweetened dried fruit and has as much calories as a McDonald's hamburger.

The marketing gurus at McDonald's claim that their menus are customizable. There is apparently the option to ask for no brown sugar, or non-sweetened dried fruit. It's as though they want to be able to say they have healthy options, even though they really don't expect anyone will ever buy it with the hundreds of other food options available, never mind modify it to suit health concerns.

Begging the question, if you go into McDonald's and ask for the oatmeal - and then ask for the no brown sugar and non-sweetened dried fruit - will they even have it in stock???

Many people will see oatmeal on the menu and automatically assume that they are making the right choice because normally oatmeal is healthy. But instead it's like those instant oatmeal packets with flavours such as apple and brown sugar, or peaches and cream. What you are essentially ordering is preservative filled sugar packets.

And then there is the price of the McDonald's oatmeal, combined with the sugar and fat content, the convenience simply isn't worth it. Oatmeal can be prepared while you're unloading the dishwasher, and saved and reheated at work, so if it only takes 1 minute to make it at home why would you bother to pay McDonald's to make it for you?

The end result is that if you're eating at a fast food joint and McDonald's is trying to add the appearance of being healthy when in reality they're just tricking you into more sugar filled treats.

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