Sunday, January 27, 2013

Double thick custom fitted hoodie

I have decided to try and find a double thick custom fitted hoodie that I can wear doing all sorts of  activities. If you know a seamstress please have them contact me.

Why do I want this? Multiple reasons:

1. Super warm. Great for Fall, Winter or Spring.

2. Custom fitted and fairly tight so it is ideal for ice skating, archery, jogging, downhill skiing and other activities when it is cold outside and you want to have a full range of motion without feeling bulky.

3. Double thick because a normal hoodie is too drafty and...

4. Custom fitted because the tightness prevents drafts going up the back, front and side so its warmer that way too.

If I can find a seamstress I even know what fabric I would like to use, I saw it in a fabric shop on Queen Street West past Spadina (Downtown Toronto).

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