Thursday, May 24, 2012

Professional Moving and Storage in Montreal

When living in Canada there are several things you learn to expect.

#1. Sometimes websites (especially if you live in or near Quebec) will be in French.

#2. If the website is really professional they will have an English version of the website. In this example Déménagement Montréal is a moving and storage company in Montreal, and surprise surprise, they have an English version of their website.

C'est magnifique!

#3. If the website is really good they may even have videos showing what they do. Often the videos will be amateurish but they get the point across.

#4. If they're REALLY REALLY GOOD they will even have a professionally made video like the one below (which frankly really impressed me). So for those of you looking for "déménageur Montréal" (whatever that means...) you get sold on the quality of their service pretty quickly when you see how much quality their video has.

#5. I also really like it when people shown on their website dress professionally. Not necessarily suits and ties, but crisp clean clothing, well groomed people always makes a good impression on me.

#6. No annoying music. Call it a major turnoff but when a website has auto music on then its automatically annoying. However for the website in question,, I like the fact that the only possible source of music is the video and its actually well chosen music (with no distracting lyrics).

#7. A well designed website always impresses me. Especially when its easy to contact the company. What does annoy me about the site is that they don't list their email address and use a form mail instead. Form mails are ANNOYING to fill out (and often have errors in them). Plus you send the message and you have no idea if they actually received it and no record of what you asked them. It is my opinion that it is ALWAYS better to have a direct email to contact the company. Having a phone number helps too, but if I only have a question sometimes its better to just send a quick email. Having to fill out a form mail just doesn't cut it.

PET PEEVE: Websites which ONLY have form mail. SUPER ANNOYING!

#8. I also like it when companies have 1-800 numbers. Always handy.

So in summation I give 4 stars out of 5, but it could have been better if they didn't have that annoying form mail on their website. I have never used their service but their video really impressed me.

When it comes to moving companies I have NEVER actually used any. Myself, family and friends have always just come together for a big move and had a BBQ or pizza party after the move is done.

ie. This past weekend I helped a friend in North York carry over 100 bags of dirt from a truck to the backyard for landscaping, +8 pieces of drywall and 6 huge things of insulation up to the 3rd floor where some repairs were being done. After we had a BBQ of hamburgers and beef hot dogs / sausages.

And don't forget free beer! And then the group of us hung out for a couple hours and relaxed.

So in my mind if moving things is an excuse to have a party, then why would anyone bother with a moving company unless they didn't have any friends? In which case sucks to be you.

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