Monday, April 16, 2012

Bell Mobility overcharges you, only refunds 3 months

I came across the following info mentioning in a newspaper article complaining about companies overcharging people to their credit card:

"Dhun Noria, for example, disconnected his Bell cellphone in 2006 and didn’t know he was billed for it until 2012, when he’d paid more than $3,000 in erroneous charges."

But when he complained he only got reimbursed for three months’ service ($160).

Same thing happened to me over a year ago. Bell Mobility overcharged me for 9 months. So I left Bell and switched to a different company.

And Bell Mobility is not alone. Many other companies do this. Rogers, AT&T, Fido, Telus... all the big companies. If you sign up for automatic billing with your credit car that is basically like waving a white flag and surrendering your credit card to whatever fraudulent methods that they can get away with.

And because they will only refund mistakes within the last 90 days most people don't even notice they're being defrauded until months and months later.

HOT TIP: Don't agree to auto-billing on your credit card. ALWAYS, ALWAYS pay via online banking instead when you FEEL it. It forces you to look at your bills. When you notice a bill that is unusual then you can investigate and complain.

Referenced article:


  1. Bell mobility keeps reimbursing me but they post the higher than normal balances to my credit bureau so I am unable to grow and build credit profile properly. All this because they cannot seem to have a permanent fix to their billing errors.

  2. Terrible customer service! They don't care about keeping their customers happy at all. The first time I was with bell I had to call them every month for double charging and over charging me for services that were in my contract and then they double charged me on my cancellation fee when I finally got fed up with all the 500 dollar phone bills and left. I fought the extra charges and did not have to pay them. A few years later I said "What the hell, why not give it another shot"... obviously forgetting what happened the last time and for the first three years things were lovely... uuuntil I renewed my contract when they neglected to put the extended warranty on my phone and then made me jump through hoops for months trying to get them to correct their mistake. They told me absolutely Miss Burley we will get that back on your account. I see it was removed just take your phone into the bell store and show them it is in working condition. So I did. Then the people in the store said that they had to send off paper work before anything changed and that it would appear on my next bill. It did not. So I called and they told me that now that it had been over 30 days (as it would be being that it was supposed to be on my next bill) that there was nothing they could do. After talking to a couple different people I was then given the responsibility of handling the issue myself with a department outside of bell that handles their warranties and given their direct line. Only... they aren't open on Saturdays and they're business hours don't coincide with pacific time so I work during those hours. The issue was never followed up on and, as I had told them I would, I cancelled my contract. Why waste my money on all the extra toys for a 600 dollar phone if I can't even warranty the stupid thing. I was informed when I signed my contract and when I cancelled it that my cancellation fee was four hundred dollars. That was in march. In June I got a bill for an extra 200 dollars on top of that for cancelling my data package?!!!! Apparently this was in my contract but considering no one ever discussed it with me and I don't have a personal lawyer to go every document I read I missed that memo. I can't even go back and look because when I got my "FINAL BILL" a month before receiving this extra 200 dollar charge I threw the old paperwork out. According to the "supervisor" I talked to, the warranty issue could have been solved therefore it is my fault that I am paying 600 dollars for their mistake. That's how bell feels about their customers.


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