Friday, February 17, 2012

Renewable Energy Products

I found this interesting website which sells renewable energy products (mostly solar and wind). I do however think they could have designed their website better, but that is unrelated to the products themselves.

They sell a variety of emergency safety products like radios, lanterns, etc ideal for camping or some sort of emergency (earthquake, zombie apocalypse, etc).

They also sell a variety of solar powered items for "personal charging" that can be attached to briefcases, backpacks, laptops, etc and battery packs which are compatible with solar energy sources.

I personally prefer to do my camping au naturel (no tech toys whatsoever), but I can definitely still see uses for these products.

So for any survivalists out there these are products you may want to have... although frankly, if the zombies do rise up, listening to the radio may be lower on your list of concerns...

And bullets will eventually run out, so I recommend a nice axe. Want to know where to find the nicest axes during the zombie uprising?

The Fire Station. Firemans' axes are the best. :)

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