Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Made in Canada = Hard to Find

Ever noticed how difficult it can be to find products which are "Made in Canada"... which are ACTUALLY made in Canada?

They do exist. They are hard to find these days, but not impossible to find.

TIP #1. Look for local manufacturers. If they're manufactured within 40 km of your home they might even offer free shipping.

TIP #2. Check the labels. It might say Made in Canada, but that might only be 'packaged in Canada' and manufactured overseas. Make sure.

TIP #3. Make a List of Canadian companies that manufacture in Canada. Organize the list by category or topic. ie. cosmetics, toiletries and local fashion such as Cake and Fresh Collective.

TIP #4. Research! There are several websites devoted to “Made in Canada” products. ie. has consumer goods made in Canada, covering all segments of the market from clothing to furniture to sports equipment (Woot! Hockey sticks!). The website's goal is to “educate consumers on the availability of products made in Canada.”

ie. is also helpful, but you need to use the directory if you are looking for a particular topic.

TIP #5. Use Google Maps! You can use this for finding services too. ie. "Website Design near Isabella Street and Sherbourne Street, Toronto, ON, Canada".

And lets not forget the benefits of buying Canadian!

BENEFIT #1. Local manufacturers have more pride in their work and it shows in the quality of their craftsmanship. No plastic stuff from overseas or cheap wood that you have to assemble yourself from IKEA!

BENEFIT #2. Even the delivery men treat the objects you buy with more respect when its a local company.

BENEFIT #3. You are boosting the local economy by buying Canadian.

For more fun try reading the Competition Bureau’s regulations for “Product of Canada”.

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