Friday, February 3, 2012

Kasamile Maltese Puppies in Toronto

Look at the photos to the right and tell me they aren't cute and adorable?

This is what you can expect if you purchase puppies from Kasamile Maltese of Toronto. A cute fluffy Maltese puppy who has been bred, raised, pampered, had all their vet shots and treated with love.

They're just plain adorable.

They are not cheap however. Kasamile imports their breeding parents from South Korea and goes the whole nine yards when it comes to pampering. Their Maltese puppies cost approx. $3,000 per puppy and are pampered in the extreme.

As a breeder Kasamile Maltese has set themselves apart from the competition. They are the BEST when it comes to raising Maltese puppies, pampering them, training them and so forth.

It is really no wonder their puppies are so adorable. They are loved. The breeder really cares about them and she doesn't just sell to just anyone. There is a whole screening process before you can get a Kasamile puppy.

But if you have the dog for 10 to 15 years the $3,000 you paid will seem really worth it. The better the breeder the less likely the dog will have congenital problems and there is zero risk of the dog having a bad temperament due to bad treatment. (Less quality breeders often have dogs that get frightened or violent easily because the dog has been mistreated in the past.)

And when it comes to man's best friend shouldn't you get a friend who is absolutely loyal and will love you unconditionally?

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