Sunday, February 5, 2012

Edgar Rice Burroughs - John Carter of Mars

A couple of months ago I saw the movie trailer for the new John Carter movie coming out in March 2012 (Disney purchased the rights).

After seeing it I decided to read the John Carter series (11 books total) by Edgar Rice Burroughs and I am now on book 4. What I've discovered however is that while Carter's Mars setting is interesting, by the 4th book he becomes really repetitive. He basically keeps reusing the same plot (rescue the girl) again and again which is really disappointing.

I will admit the first 2 books by Edgar Rice Burroughs were quite good, but by book 3 I was getting bored. And by the 4th book John Carter's son basically starts rehashing the same basic plots his father did. Yawn.

I think what happened was Burroughs realized he had a real money maker on his hands to sell lots of books, but sadly the quality of his plots went down dramatically. Hopefully Disney changes the movie plots a bit to keep things interesting for the film franchise.

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