Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dempster's Bagels

Today I went to the post office to pick up a package (yeah, more free stuff from WebRing.com!) and on the way back I passed by a Dempster's Bagels van (sort of like an ice cream van) giving away free bagels...

So I had a sesame seed bagel with peanut butter. Free.

Can't beat that.

However I want to point something out...

Whether you buy a fresh bagel from Great Canadian Bagel or even Tim Horton's... they all taste the same. I don't notice any difference in the quality of the bagels. (And I ate a lot of bagels back when I was in university.)

What I do notice is the difference between fresh bagels from shops... vs store bought bagels from the grocery store. Fresh bagels are awesome!

But store bought bagels... yuck. They're too hard and don't taste that great, and that is likely because they're not fresh.


Dempster's doesn't have any bagel shops. They're wholly store bought bagels... so while the bagel van with the free bagels today may have had fresh bagels and they did taste good... I wouldn't recommend buying bagels in a grocery store. Who knows how long they have been sitting there on the shelf???

And a package of 8 bagels? Unless you are having friends over are you really going to eat that many bagels in a hurry before they go bad?

Nutritional Note:

Bagels are VERY HIGH in carbs. Its the equivalent of eating four pieces of bread (and bread is already super fattening because of all the carbs).

Its no wonder I put on so much weight during university... I had 2 bagels for breakfast 3 - 5 times per week. Approx. 8 bagels per week is a lot of carbs.

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