Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bannock Restaurant = Rude Staff, not sure why...

Ever gone to a cafe or restaurant and the staff behaved rudely and you can't figure out WHY they are rude?

Last week I went to Bannock for Valentines...

401 Bay Street Toronto
M5H 2Y4

Phone: 416-861-6996

Bannock is a restaurant / cafe. You step inside and you see a restaurant on the left and a cafe to the right. My Valentine and I opted for the cafe.

We waited 5 minutes for the servers to get us a seat. When we did get a seat nobody came to take our order...

So we went up to the cafe bar and ordered teas, went back to our seats and waited for someone to take our order.

Time ticks by. We discuss our romantic prospects.

Finally a server comes by... but instead of asking to take our order she asks us to leave, saying that if we're only drinking tea then they would prefer to give the cafe table to different customers.

I am tempted to tell the server off for not bringing us a drink menu but quietly bite my tongue instead. I look around at the other customers in the cafe section. Some of them drinking tea, wine or beer.

I was wanting to order a Guinness but apparently the staff was so rude (or just plain stupid) that it had never occurred to them to ASK if we wanted a menu.

I mean we were in the cafe section. Everyone else was drinking some kind of fluid. I saw one person who had a plate of what looked to be pasta, but otherwise everything was either tea or alcohol.

The server didn't even give us the option of ordering alcohol. She just asked us to leave and didn't even bother to ask if we wanted to order anything or if we needed a menu.

I even vaguely wonder if the staff were being racist since my Valentine and I are an interracial couple. I am Scottish and my date was originally from Uganda. Possible racism aside it was a very rude opening to our Valentine's date.

So... my thoughts as we took our time and eventually left? A scathing review was in order.

So here it is: Bannock, rude staff, horrible service, good tea. Sorry, I didn't get a chance to review their alcoholic beverages, but since I love Guinness I am sure it would have been just as good at a different restaurant down the street.

I am also posting this review on the Google Maps / Business Locations directory. Bannock deserves a bad reputation.

PLUS I am even going to phone Bannock using the phone number listed above and complain to the manager and mention this review. (Sadly all I got was the manager's voicemail, but it will do.) I think that should get my point across that I am a very unhappy customer.

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