Friday, December 23, 2011

Top Selling Gifts 1980 to 2011

There are various classic gifts that people keep giving again and again.

Which suggests that they are very good gifts that people find desirable.

#1. The Rubiks Cube

This handy toy that is good for adults and kids sold for $1.99 in 1980 and now sells for $9.99. Proof that a good toy has staying power.

#2. LEGO

Com'on, its Lego! You really cannot get bored of this stuff. Its the ultimate building blocks. Even adults get really into Lego and build some pretty amazing things.

#3. Bicycle

Good for the kids. Good for the wife or husband. Good for anyone who enjoys fun and exercise.

#4. Cabbage Patch Kids

Was $29.99 in 1983, they're now $63.99. Pricey, but some parents would buy them anyway for the nostalgia's sake of when they were a kid.

#5. Transformers Action Figures

Prices varied, but expect to pay double what they were in 1984.

#6. Care Bears

Seriously its just a teddy bear with a logo on it. Any excuse to jack up the price. Complete waste of money if you ask me.

#7. Lazer Tag

One of the few things that have actually gotten cheaper. Lazer Tag sold for $49.99 in 1986, but can now be purchased for $44.99 (or less if you shop around for a sale).

#8. A Koosh Ball

Not really sure what the point of these are. Fun for squeezing maybe??? The price in 1987 was $3.99 and it hasn't moved up or down since then.

#9. Ghostbuster Toys / Action Figures

These things sold like hot cakes back in the day... and continue to sell big despite the lack of new films or tv shows. Prices of ghostbuster toys have almost tripled since 1988.

#10. Nintendo Gameboy

The technology of the device has changed a bit, but the price tag has managed to stay roughly stable.

#11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys / Action Figures

#12. Sega Game Gear

#13. WWF Action Figures

#14. Talkboy

#15. Power Rangers Toys

#16. Pogs

#17. Tickle Me Elmo

#18. Tamagotchi

#19. Furby

#20. Pokemon Nintendo Games (for GameBoy)

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