Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why is there pieces of metal in the soles of my Nike shoes?

I love Nike, but when I put on shoes this morning I noticed immediately that I was being stabbed in the toe by something inside my shoe.

I took off my shoe and shook it, hoping whatever sharp thing was in there would fall out.

I felt around with my hand and found 2 pieces of wire embedded in the inner sole of the shoe, right near the toes.

Using pliers I have managed to rip out 1 of the pieces of metal, but so far have been unsuccessful in extricating the other piece of metal.

I phoned Nike Canada at 1-800-663-6453 but the girl on the phone explained that because I bought the shoes more than 2 years ago the warranty had ran out.

I explained I wasn't looking for a replacement. I just wanted to speak with someone technical who could tell me WHY there is pieces of metal in the sole of my Nike shoes and how do I FIX them?

I even explained that I live in Toronto and could bring the shoes in personally to show them to someone at Nike Canada's offices in Toronto. She said they don't allow outsiders on the premises.

Uhuh. So... Nike Canada, completely useless when it comes to answering my questions.

In the meantime I am left to my own resources to try and figure out how to properly reach and pull out the piece of metal stabbing my toes.

Makes me think twice about buying new shoes from Nike, which I know I will eventually have to do. Maybe I will buy a different company instead.

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