Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Online Personals

LOVE - The first online personals website I am going to mention on here is Ashley Madison, which uses the slogan "Life is Short, Have an Affair"... In the effort to review as many personals websites as I could I created profiles on every personal website in this list and tried them all out.

However when it came time to delete my profiles I discovered something unusual. Ashley Madison won't let you delete your profile unless you pay them $19. So instead I've changed my profile on there so it makes fun of the Ashley Madison website.

Another site I want to mention is, which allows people to track / mock people who cheat when they're caught in the act. Amusing. I shall have to go there and make a list of people I know cheated.

Goth Personals Canada - Goth Rencontres Canada - I admit I am biased towards this website. I own it.

♥ Plenty of Fish - FIVE STARS. This is the only Personals website I give a five star rating to.

♥ OK Cupid - Four Stars. I highly recommend this site.

♥ - Very expensive. You can't even RECEIVE messages unless you pay them. 1 star and it doesn't deserve it.


♥ eHarmony
♥ Love Compass Personals
♥ 4ppl

Note: Craigslist Personals are a complete waste of time if you are looking for love. Much better if you just want an exercise partner or to make new friends.

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